We carefully review each client’s particular circumstances, often in close cooperation with their existing trusted advisors, and recommend what we believe are the best options for the issue at hand. Depending on the client’s decision, we then implement the agreed structure rapidly, efficiently and with minimum bureaucracy.


We specialize in life insurance solutions. Why life insurance? It offers a way to benefit from your investments without undue taxation. Life insurance is internationally known and recognized and most countries have laws that govern it and its taxation. Income and capital gains arising under a contract of insurance are free of tax in many countries. Proceeds of life insurance paid to beneficiaries on death are often free of all taxes and reporting, and can avoid forced heirship rules. Insurance is generally protected from business claimants and other creditors.


With ample experience and expertise, we believe that we can be of service to you in designing, implementing and administering an efficient financial structure, choosing from trusts, foundations, and companies incorporated in suitable jurisdictions. We will help you extract the greatest benefit from your investments by working with the opportunities that are unique to your country of origin and current domicile.

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