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Malloy Insurance Services – Advanced Financial Solutions Inc. – EWP Financial = Michael Malloy Solutions

Many firms establish a parent company to oversee its many operations. We have now reached the stage to do the same with the birth of EWP Financial. This new entity will represent both Advanced Financial Solutions, Inc. and Malloy Insurance Services, found on the web as Michael Malloy Solutions.

EWP Financial  and Expanded Worldwide Planning embody the six principles of “EWP” which is one of the main elements of International Tax Planning. This is succinctly expressed in the opening paragraph of Wikipedia’s article on International Tax Planning.

Advanced Financial Solutions, Inc. (AFS) is the corporate entity that promotes Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) which provides wealthy families with the maximum amount of privacy, asset protection, and tax efficiency. With offices in New York, the British Virgin Islands, and California, AFS is the premier provider of bespoke asset structures. AFS creates asset structures for almost any asset class, even operating businesses. AFS has a success rate unparalleled in the field of advanced financial planning for the world’s wealthiest families.

Malloy Insurance Services (MIS) was founded in 1985 for commercial and personal insurance. MIS is skilled at the placement of difficult and complex insurance risks. As an example, MIS has had a liability policy in place for over 30 years for a non-profit corporation. This organization has established over 100 branches in 64 sovereign nations throughout the world.

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