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Think Advisot

Private Placement Life Insurance Will Get Through This: Michael Malloy

Wealthy people can use PPLI to set up customized cash-value life insurance policies backed by a wide range of assets. Under Internal Revenue Service interpretations, they cannot have control over the manager of the funds in the policy. But the policy can invest in a wide range of assets, ranging from art, to land, to ownership stakes in private companies. Read more

Insurance News Net

PPLI – A way to preserve wealth

Like the caterpillar turns into a butterfly, the recharacterizing of assets inside a private
placement life insurance policy becomes transformational as well. Once assets are placed inside the PPLI asset structure, these assets take on the six principles of expanded worldwide planning: privacy, asset protection, succession planning, tax shield, compliance simplifier and trust substitute.

Red more

Business Insider and Yahoo Live

How the wealthy use life insurance to escape estate tax and why the tactic is now attracting scrutiny

How do the ultra-wealthy shield their immense fortunes from taxes? Yes, life insurance is one answer, but it’s life insurance with a twist. This little-known tax tool, which may be coming under increasing scrutiny, is called private placement life insurance, or PPLI. It is effectively a life insurance policy that is owned by an offshore trust. Assets that are put into the trust are treated as premiums, explains Insider’s Hayley Cuccinello. Learn more


PPLI – A way to preserve wealth II

A recent Bloomber article states, “Athletes, celebrities, and family offices are embracing Private Placement Life Insurance, (PPLI). as a way to preserve wealth for their heirs. It’s a strategy that’s perfectly legal and has existed for decades.” Learn more



1. PPLI Changes an Asset’s Location – Moving Mount Everest

One goal of Private Placement Life Insurance (#PPLI) is to change an asset’s location. Can PPLI move Mount Everest? Not literally, but it does an excellent job of moving the assets of wealthy international families. Moving these assets where? Into a PPLI policy that gives these assets tax-deferral, asset protection, and passes them to beneficiaries as a tax-free death benefit.

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2. Video Series:Our Journey Together.”

  • The presentation is an introduction to Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI), and the international tax planning concept of Expanded Worldwide Planning (EWP). The two-day conference was attended by attorneys, accountants, financial planners, insurance brokers, and other professionals who work with high net worth clients in China and the Far East.

3. How to Climb the Mountain of Happiness – PPLI Provides Steps Up the Mountain

Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) offers a structure that produces tax efficiency, enhanced privacy, and asset protection. In our opening quote, it can be likened to stepping up the mountain. PPLI is not a goal, but a financial structure that gives wealthy international families key elements of financial happiness.

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4. Never Underestimate the Power of Persistence – PPLI Delivers Persistence

At Advanced Financial Solutions, Inc. in our quest to solve difficult client issues using Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) structuring, we have found that being persistent is a great benefit. Since we have clients throughout the world in diverse financial environments, our problem solving expertise is key to a successful outcome.

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5. ‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’ – PPLI Brings You Home

Wealthy international families can create a tax compliant and enhanced privacy Home for their assets using Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI). The concept of Home is a powerful one for all of us.

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6. Tortoises Have Strong Shells – PPLI’s Tax Shield Is Even Stronger

The tax savings element of Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) is impressive. We invite you to reflect on your own attitudes toward tax savings by offering two articles on tax that appeared this week in the media.

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7. Educational Opposition – PPLI Enhanced Value

Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) greatly enhances the value of the assets of wealthy international families. This is accomplished through the six elements of Expanded Worldwide Planning (EWP) which we will present you.

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8. Resolving the Contradiction of Changeless Change – PPLI Can Do It

Can you use a well-established product as a process for the structuring of the worldwide assets of wealthy international families? Yes, is the resounding response from Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI).

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9. Time On Your Side – PPLI Produces Longevity Through Time

The stability of Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) in structuring assets for wealthy international families is a creation of how we look at the element of time. PPLI relies on the laws and regulations of insurance. These laws and regulations in most countries have been in effect for a longer period of time and are less subject to change than the tax codes in these countries.

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10. McDonalds and Stray Dogs – PPLI Gives Tax Relief

Incongruities can be resolved in both form and substance with Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI). We frequently learn best from examples that jolt our minds into new understandings. When I was running recently in the park across from my hotel in Shanghai, I saw several stray dogs playing. They were having a marvelous time frolicking about on the lawn in between the beautiful, mature trees in the park.

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11. Michael Malloy, CLU TEP in Motion – Travel Defined

Since our founder and chief advisor, Michael Malloy, CLU, TEP, is traveling, we will feature him this week, and a little about his trip to Singapore and Shanghai. First, let us explore the concept of travel. What are the different forms of travel that we experience in our lives?

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12. Different Uses of a Tax Shield -PPLI: Two Sides of One Face, Part I

Tax Shield concepts are best understood by comparing similar Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) concepts.  In our specialty, PPLI structures for wealthy international families, an article caught our attention that highlights our topic–the difference between PPLI structuring for families strictly in the U.S. context, and those structures that work best for international families.

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13. Jurisdictions Are Key to Non-953(d) Policies – PPLI: Two Sides of One Face, Part II

Understanding the jurisdictions where wealthy international families operate is essential to Expanded Worldwide Planning (EWP). EWP is the over-arching philosophy of our firm’s planning. In Part I of our topic we explored the using a 953(d) compliant PPLI policy. Here we will discuss some uses of the non-953(d) PPLI policy, and how its increased flexibility can solve many planning issues.

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14. EWP for Tomorrow’s Movers and Shakers – PPLI for International Entrepreneurs

 International tax planning is best done before fortunes are made.  Rarely does this occur.  Our firm is fortunate to have a case where Expanded Worldwide Planning (EWP) is benefiting one such person.  By consolidating his worldwide holdings, which are in the startup phase, inside a properly constructed Private Placement Life Insurance policy (PPLI), we are securing these benefits for him…….

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15. Foreign Investment in U.S. Real Estate – PPVA vs. a “Blocker” Corp. Structure 

A sizable portion of the $350-500U.S. billion foreign inbound investment in the U.S. annually is placed in real estate. A Private Placement Variable Annuity (PPVA) can greatly reduce taxation and reporting requirements on these investments. The PPVA structure outlined in this blog is superior to the usual blocker corporation structure.

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16. How Is Change Implemented with PPLI? – Change Comes Slowly to PPLI

 Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) gives wealthy international families a conservative structure to achieve enhanced privacy and a tax free environment for their assets. At first glance, it would not seem that PPLI would share something in common with Ralph Lauren, the well-known fashion designer, but read on, and you will see how they are connected.

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17. How PPLI Negotiates for You – World Leaders Teach EWP

Negotiating is at the heart of Expanded Worldwide Planning (EWP), and Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI).  What can we learn from the much publicized negotiation between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un? One thing is obvious about this meeting.  We don’t really know much. The most substantive talks were held in private between the two leaders. As the saying goes, “After all is said and done, more is said than done.”

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18. Location Will Get You Everywhere – PPLI Elevates Your Tax Efficiency

In using Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) for tax efficient structures for wealthy international families, the location of the various elements in the structure is of vital importance.  If any one of these elements is out of position, the whole PPLI structure suffers.

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19. No Separation of Child/Parent – PPLI: United We Stand for Tax Savings

Private Placement Life Insurance, (see PPLI in our blog) makes use of one of the simplest and oldest tax shields that exist–life insurance. Donald Trump’s very unpopular immigration policy of separating children from parents who cross the border with Mexico  reminds us of another separation that has undesired consequences for tax savings.

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20. Overcoming Obstacles Gracefully – Let PPLI Show the Way

Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) is a vehicle to overcome obstacles for structuring assets for wealthy international families. This is greatly aided by the concept of Expanded Worldwide Planning (EWP). Sometimes inspiration is necessary to overcome obstacles. To find this inspiration look no further than the remarkable life of Helen Keller. We will learn more about her amazing life later on, but first, let us focus on EWP.

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21. Positive and Beneficial Influence – PPLI Achieves Both

A Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) structure exerts a positive and beneficial interest on the assets which it holds. Let us examine how this is accomplished, and also what it means to exert influence. Babies and small children learn very soon how to exert influence on their parents.

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22. PPLI Hits the Mainstream with Bloomberg – EWP: A Giant Structuring Tool

Since we work with wealthy international families, we are expert in using Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) as a structuring tool. Our approach is called Expanded Worldwide Planning (EWP). A few weeks ago Bloomberg ran an article on PPLI, “How to invest in Hedge Funds and Pay No Taxes.” We offer quotes and a video about the article below.

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23. Privacy Flows with EWP and PPLI – GO WITH THE FLOW

“Go with the flow” can have several meanings, and oddly enough, in the context of Expanded Worldwide Planning (EWP) it can pertain to privacy.  As our firm specializes in structuring for international clients using Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI), we will discuss two recent news articles and how they relate to securing privacy, as well as full compliance, for families involved in international tax planning. The articles are interesting in themselves, and we have used them to make a few points related to our topic.

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24. Privacy: Past and Present – PPLI Delivers Enhanced Privacy 

If legitimate, enhanced privacy is what you seek in your financial affairs, look no further than Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) for your solution. In the present day environment of financial transparency, attempting to hide assets only draws more attention to them.

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25. Rarity and Value – PPLI Will Take You Home

Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) is a refuge in today’s stormy sea of compliance and tax regulations. When we are distraught and confused our home becomes a safe haven. This is exactly what PPLI does for the assets of wealthy international families.

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26. The 80/20 Rule – The 20% Is Yours With PPLI

In terms of structuring assets for wealthy international families, Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) puts you at the top of your class.  What is top of your class? Let us apply the 80/20 rule.

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