About Michael Malloy

From very early on in life, I have loved to meet new people. When I could barely stand, my parents put me in the front yard in my crib, and I would wave at every passerby, excited to see the new faces in our neighborhood.

As founder of Advanced Financial Solutions, I am still just as excited to have a phone call, email, or text message from a new potential client, eager to find out what issues I can solve for them. First listening to all the details of their story, asking questions, if necessary, to go deeper into the root causes of issues. And on our follow-up conversations, I love bringing other trusted advisors into the call to make sure we are covering the issues in a thorough and comprehensive manner.

As a youngster, I also developed a love of reading, in particular long novels like Dickens, Proust, and Dostoevsky. I was often seen trudging home from the local library with a large load of books. I so much enjoyed delving into the complexities of people’s characters and the challenges they encountered. Now I translate this into deeply understanding my clients and the complexity of their needs. Each new client becomes a new novel for me now. I am thrilled to delve into tax codes, insurance law, and probe all experts in the field to bring the client’s story to a successful conclusion.

Another activity that came early into my life was running. At a very early age, I remember a friend who was astonished to find out that I did actually ran the several miles to his house. I can still remember the liberating feeling of flowing peacefully along the street excited to be going at such a speed propelled by my own two legs. I still run with great pleasure, and love the challenge it presents. Deep down, it is both mentally and physically deeply relaxing. This has become my approach to many professional challenges as well, thriving on the long stretch.

My formal training as founder of Advanced Financial Solutions includes the CLU designation from The American College in Bryn Mayr, Pennsylvania. The designation is achieved after passing ten highly technical exams on finance and insurance. I am also proud to have achieved membership in the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP), thus my Trust Estate Practitioner (TEP) designation. STEP is a worldwide body of advisors in the field of international tax, finance, trust, and insurance planning. STEP has over 20,000 members with 100 branches across the world.

When not engaged in working for our clients, traveling, running, visiting with friends, listening to music and opera, and reading occupy my time. These many varied pursuits match the variety and diversity of our clients, having a truly international practice. Our website is translated into six languages which is a further component to serving the needs of international families wherever they may live in our highly mobile world.

Our experience and expertise is here to serve you.  We welcome your phone call or email message. We are excited to find effective and secure solutions for you. Contact Us!

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“A bridge takes you from where you are to where you wish to go.
We do too.”

~ Michael Malloy, CLU TEP RFC